Frequently Asked Questions

The most important factor to consider in your sign is legibility. If a sign is not clear and readable, a sign is not communicating a message. One of the greatest considerations regarding legibility is the size of the font. The chart below provides the font size for the optimal viewing distance.

Letter Max       Readable Max Impact      Height Distance

3″                      100′                                    30′

4″                      150′                                    40′

6″                      200′                                    60′

8″                      350′                                    80′

9″                      450′                                    90′

10″                    500′                                    100′

12″                    600′                                    120′

15″                    750′                                    150′

18″                    850′                                    180′

24″                    1200′                                  240′

30″                    1500′                                  300′

36″                    1800′                                  360′

42″                    2100′                                  420′

48″                    2400′                                  480′

54″                    2700′                                  540′

60″                    3000′                                  600′

Global Sign & Awning is fully licensed and bonded to install and maintain all your sign needs.

GS&A services all of Florida with complete design, production, and installation services. GS&A also has a network of affiliates that can design, produce, and install any sign in the United States.

Clients are never surprised with the final product because we provide full color proofs of what it will look like before final production. Until the customer gives the final approval, we will not produce it.

The turnaround time for your average sign varies based on your specific needs. We will generally tell you the average turnaround time in the estimation process.

We are more than happy to meet with you at your location to help provide the proper solution for your signage needs.

We work with most professional design applications including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc… If we’re “cutting” the lettering or logo, we will need a Vector File. Artwork can be sent to us in the following format:

.ai, .cdr, .dxf, .dwf, .pdf, .eps, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .psd, .png, .tif